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Certificate in Law and Human Behavior


Students from across ASU can add our undergraduate certificate in Law and Human Behavior

Law and human behavior is an umbrella term that encompasses various aspects of forensic psychology, law and justice. This rapidly emerging field examines how the justice system intersects with the mental health professions.

This 18-credit hour certificate program focuses on the criminal justice aspects of forensic psychology, emphasizing victimology, offender treatment, criminal incapacity, mental health law, juvenile justice and delinquency, and the dynamics of how the criminal justice system intersects with behavioral science. The program is designed to provide students of social services and social sciences with an understanding of important but understudied areas where justice policy is in desperate need of empirical, psychological research.

Certificates can be added by existing ASU students in any major. 

For more information or to apply to our certificate program in Law and Human Behavior, please visit our certificate application page. Existing ASU students can also contact their academic advisor to learn about how to add a certificate.