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What is Law and Behavioral Science?

Laws form the rules for how we as citizens behave and interact with one another, and understanding humans is key to understanding how the law (and the legal systems that surround it) function. Researchers in this field seek to better understand and improve the law through using psychological and behavioral science that gives us insight into the cognitive, developmental, emotional, neurological, and social factors that drive the creation, enforcement, and adjudication of laws and legal procedures, as well as the factors that drive humans to follow -- or not follow -- those laws.


Better Together.

Tackling the many challenges faced by the legal system requires a coordinated approach. The ASU Law and Behavioral Science initiative works across traditional university boundaries to facilitate the efforts of one of the largest and most accomplished groups of faculty and students working in this area in the world.




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Get Involved!

The ASU Law and Behavioral Science initiative is always looking to grow. If you are an ASU faculty member working in this area, consider joining our affiliated faculty. If you're a student or prospective student, have a look at our affiliated academic programs (and, coming soon, opportunities for helping with our research). For members of the community or our partners and stakeholders, please get in touch and let us know how we can help.